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COVID 19 laboratory Test result in Ethiopia, March 2020 to August 2020

Mar,2020 - Aug,2020

This COVID 19 laboratory test result is a covid 19 suspected cases laboratory test lab result. The covid 19 lab test result contains the COVID 19 test result as positive and negative and the socio-dem...


National Distribution of Human Resources from 2000-2020

Sep,2019 - Aug,2020

Data from Ethiopian health and health-related indicators have included the following variables: Region, Year, Types of the health profession, Health profession density per 100, 000....


National Distribution of Health Infrastructure from 2000-2020

Sep,2000 - Aug,2020

The dataset encompasses the following variables; Types of health facility (Health station, Health post, Health Center, and Hospitals), year, region, and Health Facility to population Ratio by Region...


Pilot Implementation of GeneXpert HIV-1 Qual Assay in Selected Health Facilities in Ethiopia, 2017

May,2017 - May,2017

This dataset is generated by a GeneXpert HIV-1 Qual Assay pilot study conducted in selected health facilities from different areas of Ethiopia with the aim of assessing the feasibility of HIV-EID POC ...


HIV-1 Treatment Failure and Acquiring Drug Resistance Among First Line Antiretroviral Experienced Patients in Ethiopia, 2017

Mar,2016 - May,2017

A retrospective and prospective follow-up study was conducted across the nationally representative Health Facilities (HFs) in Ethiopia. Baseline VL testing was done followed by second-round VL testing...


Health Facility Assessment: Findings of the Four Rounds of Surveys

Feb,2016 - Dec,2019

The four rounds of health facility assessment surveys were conducted bi‐annually to monitor the access to and utilization of high-impact maternal and newborn health interventions. In that regard, the ...


Laboratory test result of tuberculosis G-xpert refered from different hospitals of Ethiopia, 2020

Jan,2020 - Aug,2020

The laboratory test result of tuberculosis G-Xpert referred from different hospitals of Ethiopia contains test results of the referred clients from different hospitals. The test result is the result t...


Prevalence and Incidence of, and Risk Factors for, HIV -1 infection among factory workers in Ethiopia , 1997-2001

Feb,1997 - Dec,2001

The prevalence, incidence, and risk factor of HIV infection data set is a prospective cohort study among 1679 factory workers in Akaki and Wonji. The data set address the prevalence and incidence of f...


Over estimation of HIV-1 prevalence by pregnant women attending antenatal clinics in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the need for adjustment

Jan,2001 - Mar,2001

The projection study on Overestimationn of HIV-1 prevalence by pregnant women attending antenatal clinics in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and the need for adjustment is cross-sectional surveillance. In most...


Ethiopia Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance : July 2017 – August 2018

Jul,2017 - Oct,2018

The AMR surveillance was conducted to establish a nationwide surveillance network and to estimate the extent and burden of priority AMR pathogens in Ethiopia. This surveillance was conducted among 203...


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