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A baseline survey on unsafe abortion, 2019

May,2018 - Jun,2018

This dataset has the following information under it. It encompasses socio-demographic characteristics of women having a safe and unsafe abortion. Some of these include age, marital stat...


A Prospective Study of Causes of Illnes and death in preterm infants in Ethiopia

Jan,2018 - Jan,2020

This is the study protocol for the study on A Prospective Study of Causes of Illness and Death in Preterm Infants in Ethiopia.The study is a cross sectional descriptive clinical study conducted to ide...


Agricultural Sample Survey, Belg season 2004-2005(1997 E.C)

Jun,2004 - Jul,2004

The survey is a cross-sectional survey with a total sample size of  50,131 households and covered the entire rural parts of the country except for three zones of Afar regional state and six zones...


An assessment on Coverage and Quality of Coverage of DKT Condoms in Non-traditional Outlets in Urban Ethiopia, 2012

Mar,2012 - Jun,2012

The 2012 assessment on the Coverage and Quality of DKT Condoms in Non-traditional Outlets in Urban Ethiopia was conducted among197 urban kebeles/towns. To conduct the study, a randomly selec...


Assessment of coverage and penetration of DKT products in non-traditional outlets (round IV), 2015

Apr,2015 - Jun,2015

The data set on the  Coverage and penetration of DKT products in non-traditional outlets is assessed by DKT/E among 28,883 outlets between April 1 to June 15 in 2015. The data set includes inform...


Assessment of Health Extension Workers’ Performance in Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Services in Oromia Region

Oct,2017 - Nov,2017

This dataset is produced by 121 health posts and 242 HEWs conducted from October to November 2017 in Oromia Region. The dataset contains information findings from observational studies to measure...


Assessment of meteorologic variables and climate change and public health impact in Ethiopia,,2000-2019

Jan,2000 - Jan,2019

This Metrological study majorly focused on measuring and calculating the relative humidity, Temperature, and rainfall all over the country. This data collection and measurement were conducted from 200...


Assessment of Standards on Food, Drink, Health Related Organization and Manufacturing Industries, Heath Facilities, and Health Professionals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2019

Apr,2019 - Aug,2019

This cross-sectional survey utilized 174 standards that were suitable to assess these facilities whether adhere to the pre-sated standard or not. Accordingly, the study data set has included the follo...


Assessment Report of the Pharmaceutical Fund and Supply Agency /PFSA-Woreda Health office Interface for Strengthening Pharmaceutical Sector, 2018

May,2018 - May,2018

The data set on PFSA-Woreda Health office Interface for Strengthening Pharmaceutical Sector were the mixed survey conducted between May 2, 2018, to May 11, 2018, in 40 woredas and 13 hubs located in A...


Availability of DKT Condom Brands in Rural Ethiopia

Jan,2011 - Feb,2011

Market assessment on females' condom study dataset includes variables such as socio-demographic attributes of respondents. These attributes include sex, age, marital status, religion, ed...


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